Friday, September 10, 2010

7 September 2010 - A Walk up Seclusion Hill (click on photos to enlarge)

Tuesday morning we headed out from Meherazad on our first recorded walk and instead of walking our usual path past Seclusion Hill and over towards the Staff Quarters, Meherwan suggested we go up Seclusion Hill. What a wonderful first recording. Here is an outline of the walk which is in two parts:

1) CLIMBING UP THE HILL (22 minutes)
[Note 1 : times following subject headings are beginning time markers] 
[Note 2: Meherwan's audibility improves once he begins carrying the recorder in his pocket.]

- Practical jokes  (45 sec)
- Baba's humanity, Infinite Intelligence & need to read Baba's words (5 min)
Halfway up the Hill with the new Staff Quarters in view.

 - The Perfect Master, Goraknath, His story
     (9 min 30 sec)

    - "Sahaj Bolne" Even the ordinary talk of the Master is a discourse
 (15 min 50 sec)
Earthen bunds demarcate field boundaries as well.

- Bunds to collect water, ownership
   of the Hill, and about the forest
   on the hill  (have reached lower
    (19min  05 sec)

  - Sisal plant hedge around Hill
      and how it is  processed to
       make rope (21 min)

Site of Manonash Cabin (immediate foreground)
Ahmednagar reservoir built by the British on the horizon.

 - Sisal (continued) & reservoir
  - site and account of Manonash Cabin
    & Ram, prior Saints in the area
    (2min 40 sec)

Pipal (Bodhi) tree planted by Forest Service during
forestation project on exact site of 2nd cabin. 
  - How trees survive on the
    hills & Manjer Sumba Hill
    (6 min 8 sec)

 - Moving the Manonash Cabin
    and the 2nd cabin
    (8 min 11 sec)

Path by Pipal tree leads to the "facilites" used by the
Mandali when on the Hill with Baba during Manonash

- More on sisal fiber industry in Nagar   (15 min 13 sec)
- The steps up the Hill and 1st Young Adult Sahavas Work  project (20 min17 sec)

 The camera is near the Manonash Cabin
where Baba stayed and lower cabin is where
He did His seclusion work. 

- How Baba walked up the Hill
   and its significance
    (22 min. 45 sec.)  

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