Friday, September 17, 2010

17 September 2010 - Walk with Meherwan

It had been almost a week since our last walk due to work commitments. It turns out that Meherwan was getting over a rare cold that both he and Manu had caught from one of servants from the village. It had been years since his last cold.
video: 19 sec.
Later in the day we had a "heti paus" (elephant rain) as a thunder storm arrived in time for tea. We could hardly carry on a conversation over the sound of the rain.  
I was there to check the termite traps for signs of activity, and instead got to sit out the storm for more than an hour in Mandali Hall.

 Audio link -
[Note: times following subject headings are beginning time markers]

View from Goraknath Temple Mount towards Meherazad

- Story of the birth of Goraknath and His Master Matsendranath  (beginning)

Foreground Trust land and beyond neighbor's onion field.

- Discuss rain and water table
(4 min. 30 sec.)

- Meherwan's cold,
  and a malaria case
   at the dispensary
   (5 min. 30 sec.)

Cows regularly graze below and on Seclusion Hill
- Subject of Pandharpur arose during visit to a co-workers home. (9 min. 25 sec.)
  [Rahul, the pharmacist at Meherazad Free Dispensary, tells of his grandparents who had a farm and dairy and of the biannual pilgrimage to Pandharpur while at the home of one of his nine uncles who all live in the village next to Happy Valley.
(video: 1 min. )
Lord Vitthal and Rukmini in the Pandhapur Vithoba Temple

- Story of Pundalik                  
   and the Origin of Pandharpur
    ( 11 min.)

video: - 31 sec.)

- Looking at 4 Weaver Bird nests
   (22 min. 55 sec.)

- Meher Baba's visit to Pandharpur with Gadge Maharaj
  ( 24 min. 19 sec.)

Little flowers along the path enjoying the Grace of His rain

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