Wednesday, October 6, 2010

26 September 2010 - Childhood memories and Meherwan's First Meeting with Baba

The picture of Meher Baba (1925) that hung in the Nagpur
home of the Jessawalla family. 

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[Note: times following subject headings are beginning time markers]

Baba's visit while Gaimai was carrying Meherwan in 1930

Plans and preparations for a public Darshan in Nagpur. Describes Eruch at age 21. ( 4 min 22 sec)

His father's professional life as Chief Boiler Inspector and how he got the job; (7 min 50 sec)
including the importance of honesty in the world and in spirituality.
( 15 min 5 sec)

Describes their home, the sea of people and his feelings that day.
( 15 min 42 sec )

Dadi Kerawala's childhood story, describes Kushruabad in Bombay, Dadi's bout with meningitis, and Baba's care for him.
( 17:39 )

Describes two old tailors, who worked for Gaimai, and the making of Baba's clothes for His trip to America. ( 23:55 )

Continues Dadi's meningitis story  ( 27:11 )

Dadi and Meherwan's traits and friendship, Dadi's  career in Agriculture, his studies in America, his career in India and his trials for being honest.
( 28:15 )

Describes the Darshan in Nagpur and his first meeting with Baba, including making a garland for Baba and describing Meher Baba's appearance then.
( 32:56 )
Duty calls.

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